May 18, 2023

Why submit to authority?

Why submit to authority?
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212: Pastor Plek is joined by Pastor James Foster, Tim Chancellor, and Nicole Troup this week to recap the last sermon in our Ecclesiastes series. In this episode we discuss why God calls us to submit to local authority and some common barries people have when it comes to submission.

Question answered:
Is Solomon describing what those who only live life "under the sun" without God should do in Ecclesiastes 9:7(and through 10)? It seemed more like a exhortation to take pleasure in what God has given and be joyful

Would love for you to talk more about how to be passionate about social political issues where other Christians will disagree.
An example might be gun control, where one Christian feels strongly that government shouldn't take guns away. While, another Christian thinks that implementing gun control will reduce deaths which is a good thing that honors God.
How can each advocate for their position in a way that honors God? Does it ever honor God to leave a church because of a political stance where Gods word is not explicitly clear on what is the right or wrong stance?

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