Sept. 28, 2021

What Should I Give? How Should I Judge?

What Should I Give? How Should I Judge?

66: Pastor Plek and Catie Sas answer questions sent in about giving and judging in this week's episode.


I have been diving into an independent study on judgement and gifting. Obviously the Bible says it is not our place to judge others multiple times throughout in various ways. It also mentions God gifting everyone with different gifts, in order to share in the responsibilities of the church, and in sharing Gods word with others. But some scripture I stumble across also mentions weak and strong faith, as well as not judging others, and gifting. Can someone explain this concept to me? For example Romans 14:1-13

I have been thinking this over a great deal, about committing/ promising to give over and above to the campaign. In life things happen, as much as I would like to skip joyfully with blinders on, that is not my life. If I promise to give a certain amount and something happens, It would hurt my heart to disappoint the church, but it would break my heart to disappoint God. Do you have any thoughts or words to help me with this

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