Oct. 19, 2022

What are Gospel Issues?

What are Gospel Issues?

158: Pastor Plek and Leah Brown discuss the meaning of Gospel Issues and different levels of church doctrine.

Question Covered:
In the last episode on the 2nd amendment in light of the Uvalde shooting, Chris mentioned gospel vs non-gospel issues, and how people use non-gospel issues to divide christian unity.
Surely this list of gospel issues can be defined objectively, as our leadership references "gospel issues" vs "personal preference" quite often.  Does our church have an actual list of said "gospel issues" so we at WBCC know where to take a stand in our culture today?  Unity for the sake of unity isn't necessarily Biblical.  Jesus tells believers in the new testament that the gospel will be divisive - father against son, mother against daughter, etc. It would seem helpful, as a church, for us to know what our "close handed" or "gospel issues" are, since the litmus test of following christ isn't necessarily how "unified" a church is, but rather WHAT the church is unified over.  What is WBCC unified over?

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