Dec. 23, 2022

Voting at Church, Mourning the Lost, and Balenciaga

Voting at Church, Mourning the Lost, and Balenciaga
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174: Pastor Plek, Jacob Laldin, and Nicole Troup answer questions from the audience about voting for church leadership, mourning the loss of someone who wasn't saved, and the recent Balenciaga scandal.

Questions Covered:
Why do we as a church vote to endorse deacons and elders, but not staff?
What do people do when they're mourning the loss of someone who didn't know the Lord? It's a great comfort to know that you'll see your dad again one day because he gave his life to Christ, but how do we handle it when someone doesn't belong to Jesus?
With the recent news of child pornography with Balenciaga, what is the church doing to step up and fight because pornography has become a severe issue in this nation. It's a health crisis.
The church hasn't officially addressed this topic and taken a stand to fight this fight.
Are they afraid to address this topic with the church in fear that it might step on peoples toes? Why coward down?
Why aren't pastor's doing something about this and speaking the hard truth about porn is a sin and it's hurting men, women and children.

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