Oct. 4, 2022

The Importance of Accountability

The Importance of Accountability

153: Pastor Plek, Catie Sas, Jeff Mitchell, and Robert Sas recap Sunday's sermon and discuss the importance of accountability.

Questions Covered:
How do we know when someone is holding you accountable because they love you and want to see you succeed vs. someone wanting you to become like them as far as your personality and thinking? Because there are A LOT of people will not accept you or be your friend unless you talk, think, act, believe, and behave exactly like them and will disciple you/training you accordingly.

The higher a person's role within an organization hierarchy the less likely they are to be challenged on a decision they are making. We've seen many prominent Pastors fall due to this. How have you seen the leadership or lay leaders at WBCC guard themselves from this pitfall?

Contextually, David not going out to fight carry's MASSIVE implications, doesn't it? We just saw in Deuteronomy how Israel is captured and enslaved time and time again all because they ignored God's command to drive out everyone from the promised land, but they didn't. As a result, morality goes out the window and they end up enslaved. Would that have been in peoples mind (contextually) when he sends other people out? Setting the standard for his mighty men that God's command is more important than anything else? *we saw in Deuteronomy that they don't drive out the people like God commanded, and in Judges we see the result of God's people not fighting as they were called to. Would this have been in the peoples mind when they see David not going out to fight?

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