March 2, 2022



95: Pastor Plek and Lizzie Turk tackle additional questions from our listeners in this bonus episode. Want to submit a question? Text 737-231-0605!

Faith, Culture, and all things in between.

- What’s up Chris? I got a question for your podcast. For example don’t eat shellfish, Why do majority of Christians follow the law of a man should not lay with another man yet other laws such as we shouldn’t wear garments with mixed cloths, do not plant two types of seed in your field or your crops will be defiled. Just interesting why some laws matter more it seems.

- Do you know of a scripture that confirms that our prayers are still alive before His Throne after we die? I know Almighty God is outside of time. Do our prayers expire?

- What do you think about church in the Metaverse?

- Can you explain how God viewed/handled sin in various times: Adam to Moses (before the Law), Moses to Jesus (after the Law but before the Spirit), and Jesus to now (with the Spirit and under the new covenant)? After reading Romans 5:13-14 I could use some clarity on how man's consciousness of sin, and God's view of sin worked between each of those times.

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