Oct. 5, 2021

Responding in Joy and Judging Mega Churches

Responding in Joy and Judging Mega Churches

67: Pastor Plek and Joni Scott tackle questions regarding joy and mega churches in this week's episode.


Why do you think the people responded in joy to hearing God's Law, yet today many of us respond in dread to hearing a bunch of shalls and shall nots?

Do you think it's possible for a church to grow past a certain size and remain true to the mission of serving Christ?  I know a church should grow and  I'm all for spreading the gospel but it seems like when one church (building not Church as a whole) grows they start losing their focus on Christ, which I like to believe none of them set out to do.  They start making small sacrifices to appease the crowd and continue to grow. It turns more into a business than an actual church (my limited opinion).  They start charging admission for "Christian events" (which I always find weird that they charge to hear the gospel).  The pastors seem to become the main focus instead of Christ.  How do you plan to ensure with the capital campaign that the church remains focus on Christ and not just building and increasing members?

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