Feb. 8, 2021

Questions on Sex

Questions on Sex

29: What can a wife do when since the beginning of their marriage the husband hates sex, and does nothing to fix or ask for help? What if sex is once a year and it feels that the person is doing it out of obligation?

Is it better to test where the sexual limit falls before sex or remain far from physical touch if it is too risky? Would this affect the relationship from growing deeper?

What if you come to know Jesus when you're in a longterm relationship? Are you expected to leave the person you've been with for the past 5 years? What if that person never wants to get married only live together?

I disagree with your statement on the different versions of the wife(2.0, 3.0 babies, 4.0, etc) and how the husband would change the way they look at their wife. My husband constantly criticizes my body and what I eat on a daily basis which effects our sex life because he thinks the worst about me and doesn't like me because of the way I look and what I eat. 

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