Sept. 20, 2022

Prioritizing Friendships

Prioritizing Friendships

150: Pastor Plek and Catie Sas recap Sunday's sermon and answer some questions about friendship.

Questions covered:
What do you do when people walk out of all your spheres of influence (like to a different church) and still want you to reach out to them and hang out on a regular basis to "maintain" some sort of a friendship? There are a few people in my life like that. I feel like its impolite to tell them I don't have time for them, but that's how I feel. How do I communicate that to them in a loving way?
As a highly intentional person, this Sunday message was very appreciated. Question: Do you prefer to have a lot of relationships that are shallow or a small number of relationships that are deep? All people do not receive equal share of your time, how do you choose to prioritize your time with people?
Based on the levels of friendship you laid out in the sermon, where does friendship with your spouse land?

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