Dec. 2, 2020

Politics and Jesus

Politics and Jesus

24: Check out this weeks podcast with our guest Joseph Aiken !
This week we are catching up from our previous sermon series "Politics and Jesus".

Marriage/relationships are already hard, How do you or should you be with someone who has different political opinions than you?
Equally yoked apply there as well....?

How do we explain all of these things to our teenagers?

I struggle to compare romans 14 to how we cast who we vote for.  I get the point of substituting in "who we vote for" in place of one considering one day over another day, or one foods over another, but weren't those all ceremonial laws from the OT, and not moral laws?

How do you speak with Christians who have no problem oppressing the poor, widows, and orphans to achieve their ends? How do you interact with Christians who value other people's lives as less than their own or practice abuse?

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