Oct. 20, 2021

Oaths & Dinosaurs & Miracles, Oh My!

Oaths & Dinosaurs & Miracles, Oh My!

69: Join Catie Sas, Pastor Plek, and Pastor Joseph in this week's podcast! Want to send in a question for them? Text 737-231-0605


How do dinosaurs and cavemen fit into the Bible? Were there even cavemen if Adam and Eve were the first people on earth? Why doesn't the Bible talk about dinosaurs when we can see the physical evidence of them through fossils?

What is the difference between a vow, oath, promise?  What are the circumstances when each one is okay or sinful.  How is simple saying "no" or "yes" about a future even not an oath?

Were Jannes and Jambres believers in Christ? Where did their power to turn their staffs into snakes from?

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