March 1, 2022



94: Pastor Plek, Pastor Joseph, and Catie Sas discuss respect for leaders and not filtering yourself in marriage. Want to submit a question? Text 737-231-0605!

Faith, Culture, and all things in between.

- Why are the Pastors at Wells Branch not regularly referred to as Pastor Chris, Pastor Joseph, Pastor James etc? The previous church I was at this was common and it showed respect and reverence for the title and position. I get a friendliness aspect but do you think this could cause an overly "familial" level where the lines could be blurred? For example we don't call our parents Bob & Linda, we call them mom & dad, we don't call our teachers, Dr's, etc by first name basis. What's the basis behind not using this title? Personal preference? And how do you feel if you are or are not called by this?

- Does Gods word really say you have to confess to your spouse if you have sinned against them? If God doesn't say you have to, then do you think it's ok to keep secrets from your spouse if you have sinned?

- Can you dive in to Gender roles within Marriage and what that looks like? Does the husband have more say over the wife? Finances, raising kids, etc.

- Esau sold his birthright for some soup so why does everyone think Jacob was deceitful?

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