April 18, 2023

Is it okay to lie to get a job?

Is it okay to lie to get a job?
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204: Pastor Plek, Adrienne Plekenpol. Cody Sparks, and Nicole Troup answer a listener's question about lying to get a job and discuss other job seeking advice.

Question answered:
I have a friend who is in Medical Sales. He works for a company that is going to start hiring for an assistant for his position. Basically the position would entail going to clinics and teaching the staff there how to use a heart monitoring device and giving excellent customer service. My friend wants me to apply for it because he thinks I’d do the job really well. The job pays extremely well. The issue I’m having is that the company wants someone who is from the medical field. Who’s worked in heart clinics specifically. I do not have that experience. My friend is willing to even lie to his boss about how he and I worked together in a clinic here in Austin. Part of me wants to jump at the opportunity to make a better life for myself. The other part of me, well, I’ve never lied to get a job. I know the right thing, isn’t to lie. But I’ve been really struggling financially, and this job would help me a lot. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

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