Feb. 12, 2022

If God is love, does that mean love is God?

If God is love, does that mean love is God?

89: Pastor Plek recaps his sermon from Sunday "Is love God?" His wife Adrienne joins him to answer the following questions.

1. You talked about this neuroplasticity with regard to sex with your spouse. Can you talk more about that? What science backs that up?

2. Adrienne mentioned how date nights can help in marriages.
So do husband and wives really need to go on dates and how often? Who does this fall on to make sure dates are happening since God calls husbands to pursue their wives.

3. We are called to serve one another as husband and wife but what happens when we serve and demand or expect something in return?
What we have a sexual demand/expectation for them to return and it doesn't get met. Are we in the right to be upset that they didn't return the favor since we served THEM in materialistic ways to show love?

4. From a singles advocate: is there any thing in the Bible that encourages singleness or it talking about if being single forever is ok?

5. Adrienne's comments on purity culture were interesting. I'd love to hear more from her or the pastors about how to teach biblical sex ethic in a balanced way that doesn't make sex a bad/scary thing but still sets boundaries/guard rails.

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