Aug. 3, 2021

Identity and Gideon's Fall

Identity and Gideon's Fall

59: After wrapping up the sermon series on Testing God, Pastor James, Catie Sas, and Lizzie Turk tackle questions sent in for this week's podcast.


What about your son not wanting water made you angry? You mentioned that the situation changed from being about your son to about you. But what were you angry about?

Judges 8:32 says, "the men of Israel," but verse 24 identifies them as Ishmaelites. Can you help explain this? Wouldn't the Israelites be the descendants of Isaac rather than of Ishmael?

I noticed there were a few crescent shaped ornaments mentioned. What did the crescent shaped ornaments symbolize?

Why did god call Gideon a mighty warrior earlier in the Gideon story?

What food were you licking off the plate (that taught Karis to lick food off the plate)?

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