Sept. 21, 2021

Homosexuality and Second Marriages

Homosexuality and Second Marriages

65: Join us this week as Pastor Plek, Pastor Joseph, and Catie Sas discuss homosexuality and second marriages from a biblical perspective.


What is the churches view on Homosexuality? Of course we love them, but does the church believe actively living that lifestyle is wrong? Can someone participating or condoning LGBT lifestyles be a leader or serve in ministry at WBCC? I looked for some information on the churches views in this, but didn't see any. If you have already covered this somewhere, please let me know.

Hello, I have concerns over what is a Godly marriage and what is not.  I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman (not same sex) but I don't understand why the church doesn't preach about the dangers of second marriages (which Jesus talks about in Matthew 5).  I feel like I am harming my friends/family who are in second marriages by acting like their marriage is holy.  I believe outside of infidelity there is no grounds for a Christian to remarry after divorce (even though Jesus says this is due to the hardness of our hearts and not something to strive for).  I understand the argument about "grace" but why do we only extend "grace" to heterosexual remarried couples but not Same sex married individuals. I do believe we need to push loved ones to "sin no more" but don't understand how they are trying to "sin no more" while still in the second marriage.  I watched sermons over it and prayed about but the more I study the more I see how wrong second marriages are for Christians (while previous spouse is still alive).  I heard many reasons for it but none that I think are scripture based. I heard "the first marriage didn't count because it's not the spouse God wanted for me" I believe that we get to chose who we marry and God will hold us to that vow.   I also heard " God wouldn't punish you for your first marriage not working by keeping you single" but that is implying that "singleness" is a curse which I don't believe.  I just don't feel comfortable saying gay marriage is wrong and harmful while sweeping the second marriage hypocrisy under the rug.  Please advise how second marriages are not as wrong as gay marriages on the eyes of God (also please provide scriptures for your reasoning).  Sorry if this text is long.  I prefer conversation but am worried that you will only address it over the podcast so I want to ensure I include all my issues.

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