May 25, 2021

God's Will and Eschatology

God's Will and Eschatology

45: This week Pastor Plek answers many questions regarding God's Will and eschatology.

How do we pray according to God's will when it may not be clear?

Why specifically seven of everything?

How do we identify the functional saviors in our heart/life and others? Any resources that are helpful?

I believe one of the biggest problems with the pre-tribulation rapture view is the type of Christian who believes in it. In my experience, they are shallow and materialistic and are just cherry-picking the most convenient eschatology. They want to graduate college, find a career, get married, buy a house, and then retire comfortably. The tribulation would be awfully inconvenient to them so they just pretend it won't happen. What would be your response to this kind of perspective?

What if we pray according to God's will-like for someone's salvation- and God doesn't save them?

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