March 17, 2022



102: Pastor Plek, Pastor Joseph, and Catie Sas talk about the ongoing war in the Ukraine and how Christians should respond. Want to submit a question? Text 737-231-0605!

Faith, Culture, and all things in between.


- Hey WBCC Podcast, I'm having a lot of confusing and conflicting thoughts about Russia's war on Ukraine. I'm angry at the injustices being done to the Ukrainian peoples. I'm scared we are about to enter WW3, but I also think someone needs to stand up to Russia which may mean going to war. I want to pray for the situation, but I am not sure what to pray. And I don't want my prayers to be tainted by violence. What should I be praying? What does God think of war? Is it okay for me as a Christian to support my country going to war? I don't want my politics to cloud my faith. How do I pray and govern my thoughts in a way pleasing to God in the face of war?

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