Dec. 7, 2022

Generosity & Getting Dressed

Generosity & Getting Dressed
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171: Pastor Plek & Jacob Laldin answers questions regarding generosity and women's dress at church

Questions Covered:
Podcast question: I've heard it suggested that although the generosity of the Jerusalem church was beautiful, it was both unwise and disobedient. Perhaps they were so poor because they had a bunch of out of town believers who were busy hanging out instead of going home to fulfill the great commission. And then later in acts and the epistles we see other people constantly having to support the Jerusalem church because they've all sold their means of subsistence. What do you think of that interpretation?

For men - married or not, because of the way ladies tend to dress today, there is a constant battle to keep our eyes off of them to varying degrees.
How do you communicate the fight that we have as men to the women, so that church does not have to be another battle ground

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