Dec. 14, 2021

Gay Men Dating Straight Women and Revelation 20

Gay Men Dating Straight Women and Revelation 20

77: This week, Pastor Plek, Pastor Joseph, and Catie Sas discuss a plethora of questions sent in! Want to submit a question? Text 737-231-0605!

 Faith, Culture, and all things in between.

-Question 1: I’ve only been attracted to men my whole life. I struggle with the notion of trying to "force" an attraction to women by dating. It can seem like trying to take control, but could also be interpreted as walking in faith depending on how you view it (God can change anything)... That's why I'm asking your perspective. In my mind I'm trying to take action because sitting around and just praying about it seems wrong. We are called to take action. But there's a fear that I'll date a women and just not develop physical attraction. So maybe it's just fear of that and not wanting to lead someone on

-Question 2: Who is deceived after Satan is released? Christians? Where are these people coming from? Similar question asked: You said for a thousand year Jesus will reign on earth in a perfect sinless world yet people will still turn away from him. Isn't turning away and denying Christ sin? How is it a perfect sinless world of people still deny Christ?

-Question 3: Is Christ ruling over all the earth during the thousand year reign? This is all prior to the new heaven and new earth, so is it possible that things still don't work perfectly during this period?

-Question 4: Question for the podcast: Since dualism isn't a thing, and hell is a place of judgement under God's authority, what does the phrase "gates of hell shall not prevail" from Matt. 16:18 mean?

-Question 5: Literal vs. figurative/metaphorical. Have had a tough time as we've gone through revelation as to what text is taken literally vs. what we take as metaphor. Seems pretty arbitrary. Example is rev 20:2

We're saying that the thousand years is a literal thousand years. Do we literally think that Satan was a dragon, a serpent, the devil and Satan all at the same exact time? if so, did he have multiple faces or what? Or are these descriptions metaphors? 
IF we are saying they are metaphors then WHY don't we say the thousand years is a metaphor? These descriptions and the thousand years are all part of the same sentence. If the description of Satan is a metaphor then why would John use literalism in the same exact sentence?

Obviously no view of eschatology is perfect, they all have to "cheat" somewhere. If what I said above is true (about literal vs metaphor) doesn't it seem kinda like we're picking what fits our end times view and going with that?

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