July 8, 2021

Foundation, Salvation and Suicide

Foundation, Salvation and Suicide

55: As Pastor Plek is on sabbatical for the month of July, we're continuing to answer questions with Pastor Joseph , Pastor James, Catie Sas, and Lizzie Turk.

Please sell me on how Jesus isn't actually calling us to sell all our possessions and follow him? That's what he did, that's what all his disciples did so why would he say that if he didn't truly mean it?

Does Jesus himself provide other specific direction about how to get into heaven? the directions to accept Jesus as lord and savior as the sole way to get into heaven doesn't that come almost expressly from books written by Paul?

What if your mental health isn’t at the point where you can give up and commit to God? If I give up my friends, how would I be able to live?

What happens to the soul of someone who commits suicide?

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