July 27, 2021

Fear and Blessings

Fear and Blessings

58: Pastor James, Pastor Joseph, and Lizzie Turk answer a lengthy list of questions sent in after this week's sermon.


When is fear/doubt good and when do they become sin?

What scripture says that God will withhold blessings if our heart is in the wrong place? What scripture says what we do or how we believe dictates how God acts?

Could Gideon be an example to us because when he was afraid and doubting God he went to him not away?

Did God reduce Gideon's army and test him twice because Gideon tested God twice?

Judges 7:1, is Gideon's name Jerubbaal? If so, why does the Bible mostly refer to Jerubbaal as Gideon?

What is a good way to tell if God is withholding blessing because of pride versus me just experiencing the normal suffering of life?

Fear seems to be an extremely common human experience. Even when Gideon gets all these signs from God he is still afraid. Why is this such a common thing that every human being struggles with? Did sin entering into creation inherently just make us afraid as humans?

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