May 12, 2022

Either Way, I Win

Either Way, I Win

123: Pastor Plek, Pastor Joseph, and Straight Outta (Heather) Compton answer questions over how to balance prayer, baptism, and more. Want to submit a question? Text 737-231-0605!

Faith, Culture, and all things in between.


  • How do you balance praying for something in confidence, but also waiting on God's timing? All over the Bible (especially in the Old Testament), it seems like there's people borderline demanding that God not only answer, but answer it in the specific way that they (the person) requested.
  • In today's culture, I feel like we approach prayer from much more of a "(insert prayer request).... but only if your will be done" where time and time again throughout scripture, we see more of an approach of "God, do this" or "God do this because of ____ (your greatness, your glory, etc.)
  • I don't think they're saying "do this" in a selfish manner, but more so in the vein of "You said that you'll care for your people, therefore I will ask for this in confidence knowing that you will do this"
  • How do you balance asking for something and trusting that God's power, providence and love will make it happen while also knowing that as a sinful human, I see little (if any) of the greater plan at work? IE God may not "answer" the prayer in the way I asked for because he has something greater planned.
  • How do you balance Matthew 7:7-11 and knowing that 1) Jesus doesn't give me everything I've asked for and 2) I've asked for some really dumb things that in retrospect, I'm really glad he didn't give me... Thank goodness I'm not married to my high school girlfriend ha.
  • Part of me feels like it would be borderline disrespectful to ask/demand things from God the way we see happen in scripture. On the flip side, you could also argue that we're limiting (our understanding of) God's power by not asking for great things. He created the freakin world with his words and conquered death, why would I not be asking in confidence knowing he can give it to me? If he can conquer death, why do I think he won't/can't answer a prayer in the way I want?
  • In a nutshell, how do you balance fear and respect for God with trusting that your God is great and can/will/wants to give us big things?
  • Can someone be Baptized again?
  • If baptized as a young child but have been living in sin most of your teenage and adult life, should you get baptized again? Where are you really truly baptized and accepted Jesus in your heart when you get baptized at a young age? Were you truly baptized and did you truly accept Jesus in your heart when you were baptized at a young age?
  • Why in 1 Samuel 16 Saul has David enter the services to play music for him and then in 1 Samuel 17 after David kills Goliath, Saul doesn’t recognize him?

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