Feb. 25, 2021

Christian Family

Christian Family

31: Pastor Plek answers questions from this past weeks sermon on the importance of Christian Family and community.

Q1: Does lack of love show a possible lack of salvation ? Love you Chris!

Q2:How does maintaining proper emotional boundaries fit into being known and loved? Someone said that 'Jesus ministered to thousands, sent out 72, was friends with 12, but was only intimate with 3 people.' How does CHRISTIAN family, fit with this idea?

Q3: What about safety, should we love someone, even if they put you in the hospital or emotionally wear you down to the point where you put yourself in the hospital?

Q4:What's the difference between, projecting past hurts onto our view of others vs. discernment of potentially toxic behaviors/patterns?And what do you do, when the other person won't take responsibility for their own hurtful actions, because they use your past as an excuse (not explaining their motives, just dismissing what you say completely as irrelevant)?

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