April 14, 2021

Children and Parenting Wounds

Children and Parenting Wounds

40: Listen this week as Pastor Plek answers questions from Sunday's sermon regarding children and parenting wounds.


What should you do when you and your spouse disagree on the number of children you should have?  We've prayed and discussed our reasoning, but are at a stand still.

How do I get over my past pain of growing up in an abusive home? I had a lot of emotional and verbal abuse from both Step father and my mother. I know that I need to forgive both of them, but I have a hard time of letting go of hurt, anger, and chaos that is inside of me.

You discussed the sermon both from a parenting but also what we need from God when we carry a father or mother wound. How do we regain empowerment, grit, and to know our Heavenly Father cares about us?

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