Aug. 17, 2022

Born for Multiple Partners?

Born for Multiple Partners?
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144: Pastor Plek and Catie Sas discuss gender roles and sleeping with people who aren't your spouse.

Questions Covered:
To add on to the man side of the sermon, “Excuses are not Masculine”… “When we make excuses we negate responsibility. This is unattractive and makes us as men untrustworthy. Our excuses are
holding us back from intimacy and connection - to be seen and to witness.
No one resonates with a man who doesn't take responsibility and ownership of his actions or his past. When we deny our role in any event, we disempower ourselves.
So many of us as men are so fearful to own our “mistakes", the pain we've caused others, our shame and even our dreams.
We are fearful because we carry deep embarrassment about who we are or who we have been. So many of us having grown up in abusive, absent and/or repressive households. Not knowing how to emote, nor how to express, have lost our sense of self and therefore have cultivated a gnawing frustration of life that is projected outwardly.
Having controlling or even enmeshed parents, we have defused ourselves of our own responsibility, wanting others in some way to save us or take away our pain. And if not another then pornography, sex, drugs, excessive achievement, wealth, status and any addiction that validate us and distract us from unaddressed pain.
We haven't known how to help ourselves and as a result we have either retreated from the world in compounded shame and meekness or lashed out in leaky aggression and blame with no connection to the actual healing that really needs to transpire.”

You said that sleeping with your girlfriend is darkness. And homosexuality.
Why are those things darkness?

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