March 8, 2023

Blood, Birthdays, and Limited Atonement

Blood, Birthdays, and Limited Atonement

194: On this episode of Pastor Plek's podcast, Pastor Plek, Catie Sas, and Pastor Mo answer a variety of questions about Jesus' name and birthday, old testament sacrifices, and limited atonement.

Questions Answered:
We call the Son of God Jesus. Isn't his real name Yahshua?  Then why don't we call him Yahshua? Then if Yahshua is his name why is it not in everyday Bible translation?
If blood was necessary for the redemption of sin, then why in the Old Testament was flour considered an acceptable sacrifice when you couldn't afford anything more? There is no blood with flour.
Pastor Plek Podcast, what is limited atonement?
When is Jesus' real birthday? Why did the Bible not specify when Jesus real birthday? It could have helped a lot of skeptics have confirmation.

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