May 9, 2023

A Pastor, a Catholic, and a Skeptic

A Pastor, a Catholic, and a Skeptic
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208: Heather Obermiller and Rob Huddleston are back with Pastor Plek this week to address listeners' questions for Heather.

Questions answered:
Question for Heather Obermiller's next podcast episode:
If you believe there is good and bad, moral and immoral, who decides which is which? Does that line shift with time?

Regarding discussions with Heather on the podcast: I don't think she answered the challenge you brought up regarding how to reconcile morality when people's views are irreconcilable. I would love to hear that addressed specifically. Also, while it's great to hear Heather's take on God and morality, I would really like to hear her confronted with the claims of Jesus-- specifically his resurrection and the credibility of the witnesses.

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