Feb. 22, 2022

A Hard Head Makes a Soft Behind

A Hard Head Makes a Soft Behind

92: Pastor Plek, Pastor Joseph, and Catie Sas recap this week's sermon on Love & Marriage and answer questions about unveiling yourself and translations of the Bible. Want to submit a question? Text 737-231-0605!

Faith, Culture, and all things in between.


So if 1) we're not in the Word, we're not being transformed by Christ. And we also need to unveil ourselves to 2) God and to 3) people. What happens if you do 1 or 2 of those things but not the other 2 or 1 of them?

- In 2 Cor 4:6 what is Paul saying when he mentions the “face of Christ.” Seems like one of those things that sounds nice and we glaze over but what is this verse actually saying?

- 2 Corinthians 3:12 - ESV and other modern translations use expressions of boldness. KJV says, "great plainness of speech". Can you help explain what is meant in this passage and the reason for what appears to be very different translations?

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